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    Where to Donate Locally to encourage People obtain Abortions

    Where to Donate Locally to Help People Access Abortions

    Where to Donate Locally to Help People Access Abortions

    Roe v. Wade is on the brink of being overturned, according to a leaked draft of an upcoming Supreme Court opinion. What happens to abortion rights after that depends on what state you live in. As we previously explained (back when Amy Coney Barrett was confirmed, remember that?), some states have “trigger laws” that will mean abortion is automatically outlawed as soon as Roe falls. Other states still have pre-Roe abortion laws still on the books, which would subsequently come back into effect.

    While national efforts to support women’s bodily autonomy are likely to receive a flood of donations in the coming weeks, if you’re looking for ways to help right now, local abortion funds and independent clinics are some of the best places to donate. People in states that have trigger laws against abortion will need a way to access care in states where it’s still legal, and the organizations listed below either operate clinics, mail medication, arrange travel, or otherwise help people get the care they need.
    The Baltimore Abortion Fund helps people living in or traveling to Maryland for care.
    The Brigid Alliance arranges and funds travel for abortion nationwide.
    The Carolina Abortion Fund, for people seeking an abortion in North or South Carolina.

    Holler Health Justice, which provides abortion funds, free emergency contraception, and other healthcare and harm reduction in West Virginia.
    Indigenous Women Rising, which runs an abortion fund for indigenous people in the United States and Canada (it’s for anyone who can get pregnant, you don’t have to be a woman).
    The Jane Fund, for abortion access in Massachusetts.
    Just the Pill, which provides medication abortion and other services to people who are in or can travel to Montana, Minnesota, and Wyoming.
    The Midwest Access Coalition helps people traveling to, from, or within the midwest to access abortion.
    The Women’s Health Center in West Virginia, the last abortion clinic remaining in that state.
    Women’s Reproductive Rights Assistance Project provides funding for abortions and emergency contraception nationwide.
    The Yellowhammer Fund, which provides abortion funds, free emergency contraception, and other help to people in Alabama, Mississippi, and the surrounding areas.
    And if you can’t decide, the National Network of Abortion Funds splits donations among 80 member organizations. You can also use their website to find a state-by-state list of local funds.

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